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Thursday, August 17, 2006

First Great Idea

How about this.

When you run a fairly large organization, it's important to keep everybody involved, busy and feeling that they are contributing to the final goal.

One way, is to keep communicating, and communicating, and communicating. This is a thankless and no-win kind of job, because people will remember the one time you forgot, and not the 100 times that you asked. Also this is a time consuming process that can make decision making process very difficult.

So how tho around this connundrum.

Here's a management tool. Call people up frequently, with a request that a decision needs to be made about the most inane and banal thing. Make it sound important, critical, and slightly conspiritorial. Then hang up and decide weather to follow the advice, or not. If you do, then give the person the credit at a large meeting. if not then follow this process with the next person on the list, until you get concurance with what you want to do in the first place.